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With this book museum professionals can learn how to unleash creative potential throughout their institution. Drawing from a wide range of research on creativity as well as insights from today’s most creative museum leaders, we present a set of practical principles about how museum workers at any level—not just those in “creative positions”—can make a place for creativity in their daily practice. Replete with creativity exercises and stories from the field, the book guides readers in developing an internal culture of creative learning, as well as delivering increased value to museum audiences.

From an Amazon review:

I read this book cover to cover when I got it. It is so full of useful tips and uplifting stories about how museums are taking risks and building creative cultures. I usually put books like this on the shelf, stashed between other museum theory and practice tombs, but I have kept this one on my desk so that I can open it during spare moments in my day. This way, every page becomes a mini-creative practice session, giving me an idea of one small thing that I can do to tap into my creativity or inspire others. Congratulations to these authors for collecting great information and presenting it in such an accessible way.

And from other colleagues:

Creativity in a museum?!!! That could change everything. Any museum professional who cares about preserving the time-tested idea of a museum as a grave and lifeless place, should hide this book from their co-workers. What next? Will they want hospital workers to be healthy?  —Adam Lerner, Director and Chief Animator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

A veritable bazaar of ideas, activities, and references on creativity that will inspire museum professionals to open up, take imaginative risks, and develop their own methods for practicing in the creative spirit. —Kathleen McLean, Independent Exhibitions

This marvelous book, to read from cover to cover or just to pick up and open to any page, teaches creative problem solving through inspiration, case studies, and a tool kit to expand the reader’s thinking. It is a kaizen for meaningful changes in museums that might just help to trigger your imagination. —Gretchen Sullivan Sorin, Director, Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY Oneonta

There is a good deal of writing in the business field about leadership and creativity but it is difficult to apply to museums and historical programs. The history and museum communities here in New York, and indeed across the nation, have long needed something more.

Linda Norris and Rainey Tisdale’s, Creativity in Museum Practice (Left Coast Press, 2014), discusses the wellsprings of creativity and how to build creative cultures in museums and similar cultural institutions. It includes a persuasive chapter on why creativity matters in museum work. It has a good deal of discussion of the theories and practices behind creativity but also numerous practical examples and applications, including inserts on “Your Creative Practice” (stories from colleagues across the field on what has worked and why) and “Try This’ (“concrete no-cost or low-cost activities you can experiment with to jumpstart your creative practice.”)–Bruce Dearstyne, New York History Blog

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